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Our History..
Exon Consulting was formed in 2008, with the amalgamation of two respected and successful solar companies: These two companies joined forces to form Exon Consulting, meaning an unparalleled service and level of expertise for our clients.

Exon Consulting has now joined and is a proud member of Solar CO Pty Ltd which is a group of sustainable product, service and technology companies.

High-Yielding, Leading-Edge Technology:
We are committed to selecting and using only the best solar technologies that can deliver continuous, long-lasting energy yields, maximizing the use of our natural energy resources and offering the highest returns.

Sustaining Life on Earth:
We recognise the importance of preserving our natural environment that sustains life on earth for all species.

Exon Consulting offer various performance guarantees to their clients based on project size and performance expectation.

All Solar PV Panels have a minimum of a 25 year manufacturer performance guarantee.

All hardware such as inverters, charge controllers and the like have, a standard 5/10 year manufacturer guarantee. Extendable on request.

Exon Consulting offer a 2 year installation guarantee on all installation defects. Extendable on request.

Exon Consulting offer various other guarantees based on project size and expectation in the form of Maintenance and O&M Contracts.

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