Apex One

 Exon Consultings Apex One tool can be used to optimize energy usage within commercial buildings and homes.
It allows all connected building to internet their energy usage savings provide the most efficient way to save on energy usage.
Multiple types of data from humidity to temperature is constantly transmitted and reviewed from this data to understand  usage behavior and not only predict energy usage bills but to forecast your usage requirements for the future.
ApexOne allows buildings to be more energy efficient by allowing them to be less energy hungry with no additional infrastructure and looking at current energy wastage and how to optimize current energy usage.
As energy prices spiral out of control most people can’t afford to go out and invest in a renewable option such as rooftop solar or install wind turbines on their property.
By companies better understanding their energy usage and making minor adjustments this could in effect save R 10 000s on the building energy bill allowing the building to be less affected by these energy hikes.

Historical Data Usage – Apex one uses big data based on templates from historical building data energy usage, comprising of recorded data such as energy bills, led used  weather patterns,

Complete Sensor Based system – working with sensors and IOT it is then able this days back into the cloud to determine whether current energy usage is optimize based on similar profile types

Artifical Intelligence – using artificial intelligence and computer based learning the tool will then Firstly review historical data to find usage patterns and behaviors and secondly to propose the best means of energy usage throughout the building for example proposing solar geysers and computing a years worth of usage to provide an end result of savings

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