Solar Partner Referral Program

Are your customers concerned about rising electricity costs?

Make money for talking about solar. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

With us you can earn referral income by introducing them to Exon Consultings clean energy alternative.

If you work with body corporates or HOA’s that may be interested in a clean energy solution that saves them 5 – 25% on monthly energy costs, then we invite you to work with us.

As a referral partner, you can earn referral remuneration / income** by providing an active introduction to any customer that converts to a Exon Consulting’s clean energy solution.

A dedicated client manager will work with you to identify viable prospects. We provide a free savings assessment, taking them through the simple process of signing up for cheaper, cleaner energy.

** Referral commission is paid for each project that converts to Exon Consultings energy solution. We manage all leads through our cloud-based platform. Our CRM system protects your leads by flagging you or your company as the referrer. Terms and conditions apply.

Complete the form and our team will contact you.
Certified Partners – Join us for compulsory free training.
Add our solution to your offering.
Make your company money & make a difference to the environment!


In the last 3 months I have made more money from the refferal then my full time role. I have seriously considered doing this full time.

Patrick Joost - Residential Estate Agent

“Most of my clients feel this is a no brainer. With their high electricity bills and  sometimes being sent hugely incorrect bills. Not to mention working with Exon Consulting is easy to do and I am paid quickly, I also love the additional income!

Marianne Visser - Commercial Real Estate Agent

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